2010 EGE Memorial Winners  


Cole won the trophy for 5 years and under

Ty won the 6 to 10 years old category.

Dimitri won for 11 to 17 years old.

Chris (and his team) won the adult trophy.

Our most honest bowling was Navid.

Lots of activity at the Silent Auction tables

Kate & Carys bust a move on Lane #16

Sophie is pretty in pink and purple

Taylor calls our raffle ticket #’s

Richard means business

Nice form Angela!

Looks good Robertson!

Whatever you do…don’t touch Lightning McQueen.

“Ok Sophie…we really need a STRIKE here”

S S T T R R I I K K E E ! ! !


The Silent Auction was a huge hit!!!

Love the shirt Jer

Thank you to everyone for another HUGE success!!! Love, Sam, Benjamin, Sarah and Joshua