Tricycles & bicycles

Children at the nursery school can spend a significant amount of time each day outdoors when the weather permits. helping 2017 This is and ideal time to try biking with the children, as it can work on many different therapeutic goals such as reciprocal movement, dynamic postural control, general strengthening, active range of motion, grasp and upper extremity movement, spatial awareness, independent mobility and cardiovascular fitness. It provides the children with exposure to a recreational activity that can be done as a family and integrated into home routines to work on physical fitness and participation. With access to different tricycles and bicycles of different sizes and supports, we can enable all the children of different sizes and abilities at the school to experience this invaluable activity, while enabling staff and volunteers to assist them safely and more consistently.

Sensory panel helping 2017

This sensory panel provides an opportunity for children with limited mobility, or those with tactile defensiveness to explore a great many different textures all in the one place. The panel can be secured to a wall for upright exploration with hands and eyes, or placed flat on the floor to crawl over, or walk on with barefeet.

Financial Support

The school was also able to help families who otherwise could not send their child to nursery school with financial assistance.


There has been a  funding freeze from the city of Toronto particularly for new applicants for subsidy.

Many of our families are finding themselves in urgent need of financial support in order to be able to continue to send their children to our program. 

 Over the last ten years, with your generosity, we have been able to and would like to continue to be able to  purchase much needed  pieces of equipment,  furniture, toys, books, etc.   however we now find ourselves in the position that we would like to be able to use some of these funds to assist our more needy families to cover school fees while they are waiting for subsidy to be approved. 


New Furniture For Holland Bloorview Nursery School!

Once again, the children in Holland Bloorview Nursery School will benefit from the generosity of the 2013 Bowling for Emily Fundraiser.

This year the fundraiser has allowed the Nursery Schoolto enhance and refurbish our classroom with calming, pleasing “child sized” furniture.

Our aim is to provide an environment that is beautifuland enticing to young children.helping 2013

Pretending to make dinner, talk on the telephone or read on a comfy couch are the frequent play activities of very young children since they always play out those first hand experiences they know and recognize in their own life. In the classroom, child sized kitchen and child sized furniture helps to foster children’s pretend play. Just like home however, this furniture receives a great deal of wear and tear!

With Emily’s fundraiser we are delighted to have the opportunity to “redecorate”. By choosing neutral tones and a variety of textures we are able to provide a natural and realistic setting where our children will be able to play and play again in an imaginary way! Thank you for making the possibilities for play ever more meaningful for the children at Holland Bloorview Nursery Schools.

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Snazzy, colorful, fun, comfy and cool! Thanks to the 2012 Bowling for Emily fundraiser, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital now has two “Ready Racer” cars – actually they are caster carts to help our children move from the classroom to the playground. helping 2012

Ready racers are pre-wheelchair aids that can help children develop trunk control as well as upper extremity strength and mobility. The pneumatic tires and front swivel caster provide a smooth ride. The hip strap and lateral leg and trunk supports keep our children safe and comfortable.

Our children who are not walking are happy to be safely positioned in the Ready Racers. Other children are interested in the cars coming closer (even trying to help) since the cars invite their curiosity, sense of fun and adventure. Children sitting in the ready racer are involved with their peers, able to navigate on the outdoor terrain and are easily guided by the nursery school staff with the adjustable height push handle.

Thank you for making the Ready Racers possible!



We were very fortunate, through your generous donations, to be able to provide the children at Holland Bloorview Nursery School - Scarborough site with the opportunity to participate in Music Therapy sessions . The Music therapy , either in small groups or individual sessions benefit all children.

“Music therapy can help children to develop in many areas such as social skills, confidence, and self-esteem, while having fun making music and interacting with instruments, peers, and the therapist.

For young children, making music with their friends gives them the chance to work on turn-taking, sharing and leadership skills. These socialization skills are important in many other areas of the child’s life, and making music is a fun way to practice them!

Music therapists can help children start to work on learning about the basic elements of music, including fast and slow, soft and loud, and high and low. The therapist models these contrasts to the group using her voice and instruments, and then gives the children the chance to try it out for themselves!

Music is a form of self-expression, and can communicate a variety of emotions and feelings in a safe and meaningful way. When involved in music therapy, young children can start to learn to express themselves through singing and vocalization, playing different instruments, and even dancing!”



“Our son Christo joined the Scarb. site nursery program this school year and that climber you donated to his classroom has helped his gross motor skills A LOT!! He loves that thing, it's the very first thing he goes to every morning! He feels a big sense of accomplishment on it, it is the perfect size for him and he was able to learn how to go up stairs on it! And best of all, without any whining or tears which would otherwise happen with any other physio exercises we've been shown to do with him at home.”



“When it’s just the right size, we can do for ourselves. See all the toys on the child sized shelves. We put coats away, we’re independent that’s true. Because of those really nice cubbies …. And they came from you”.

The 2 new shelves in the classroom allow the children to access toys at their level. The rounded corners ensure a safe environment for all.

The new cubbies promote independence in the children’s dressing skills and provide a seating area for each child that allows them to be positioned properly in order to remove or put on their shoes. Each child has a cubby with their picture on it providing them with their own space for the school year.

Five new tables were purchased for the classrooms. These tables have rounded corners and are adjustable to accommodate the various heights of chairs needed for proper positioning and seating. The smaller sized tables promote better peer interactions for snack and table activities.

Holland Bloorview Nursery School – Scarborough site is grateful for all the support we have received from Emily’s Bowling for Bloorview Fundraiser.

Thank you Sam, Sarah, Joshua and Benjamin.



With the proceeds from Bowling for Bloorview 2008, the Nursery School Program was able to purchase a Rifton Seating System. This system offers ease of adjustment to obtain customized seating for preschool children with motor impairments.

Good seating support if essential for any individual, particularly those with motor problems and enables the child’s function and participation in a variety of daily activates including:
• Writing/drawing
• Feeding/eating
• Fine manipulative tasks
• Cognitive tasks, vision, spatial orientation, listening
• Accessing switches, buttons/assistive technologies
This system is a valuable support to a child’s development and learning.



Bloorview Nursery School – Scarborough site was thrilled to purchase two high tech soundfield systems. These systems include teacher microphone headsets and portable speakers and are designed to provide high quality amplification of teachers’ voices above background classroom noise. The use of soundfield systems has been shown to be a tremendous benefit both to children with hearing impairment and to those who require support with attention and listening skills. In addition, the use of voice amplification protects teachers’ voices from damage due to prolonged speaking at high volumes. The teachers have adjusted quickly to the challenges of “wearing a microphone” all day long and we have already seen many improvements in attention and listening skills in our children, particularly at music circle and for transitions.

Please accept our sincere thanks for this wonderful addition to our program.


Bloorview Nursery School – Scarborough site would like to thank the family and friends of Emily El Raheb for their enthusiasm in “Bowling for Bloorview ”. As a result, the nursery school was able to purchase a Toddler Play Loft that assists our children with gross motor skills. Children using the structure have increased self-confidence, more flexibility and strength as well as increased trunk control.


Some of the many benefits for children using this climber are improved range of motion, contracture and spasticity control and reducing pain by stretching tight muscles.


This new Play Loft encourages ACTIVITY, not just therapy but PLAY!!!!