Emily was born November 6, 2001 in Sydney Australia. Due to an unforeseen problem at birth, Emily's oxygen supply was interrupted which resulted in her having Cerebral Palsy. While CP has no cure, it has been found that therapy can lessen its effect so that the person can live as unobstructed as possible from the crippling effect of CP. One of the best centres in the world for this therapy is Bloorview Children’s Rehab centre in Toronto. We decided that we needed to give Emily the best chance at a full life so in May 2003, we returned to Toronto and Emily started her therapy at Bloorview. We also enrolled Emily at the Bloorview Nursery school where her teachers provided Emily with a therapeutic and fun environment which greatly helped in her development. On June 18, 2004, Emily passed away leaving a hole in all of our lives but also leaving us with loving memories of a sweet, fragile yet tough little girl who will forever live in our hearts.

Snoezelen Room - Emily's Cosy Corner

With the kind contributions that were made after her passing, we all contributed the Bloorview Nursery School building a Snoezelen room. The room was officially opened in June 2006 and was affectionately named Emily's Cosy Corner. Snoezelen is a specially designed sensory stimulation environment which encourages individual exploration and expression. It aims to provide an oasis of tranquility where the user can relax and is given the opportunity to choose an activity at his or her pace.



A Snoezelen room utilizes music, lighting effects, gentle vibrations, tactile sensations and aromatherapy, which all provide opportunities for a unique sensory experience.

We are certain that Emily is looking down from heaven and watching over all of us. Thank you once again for your support of the EGE Memorial Fund.

Sarah, Sam, Joshua and Benjamin